Drivers warned to beware dazzling sun after M27 hold-ups

Motorists are being urged to take extra care on the roads because of the low sun.

Tuesday, 8th March 2016, 7:26 am
Updated Tuesday, 8th March 2016, 7:36 am

As spring approaches the sun is becoming stronger and could dazzle drivers as it shines at eye level.

According to the AA, it is the cause of up to 28 deaths a year. Stretches of the M27 can be particularly dangerous.

Yesterday, queues built up on the eastbound carriageway between junctions 3 and 8 as drivers slowed down in dazzling light.

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A spokeswoman for the motoring organisation gave the following advice: ‘Sun glare causes many accidents, particularly under clear skies at dawn or dusk.

‘Keep a clean and unscratched pair of sunglasses handy

‘Avoid lenses which darken in strong sunlight – the windscreen filters out UV light so the glasses will change only slowly.

‘Clean the windscreen regularly, inside and out, to remove smears, which will catch sunlight and impair vision.

‘Renewing worn or damaged wiper blades will also help to improve vision.’

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