Drop in complaints to water firms

Complaints against water companies have dropped
Complaints against water companies have dropped
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COMPLAINTS to water companies in our area have fallen, figures reveal.

Portsmouth Water received 201 complaints last year, which was down 5.6 per cent.

While Southern Water, which delivers sewerage and water services, had 12,362, down 19.1 per cent.

The Consumer Council for Water (CCWater) praised the latest figures and highlighted Portsmouth Water and Veolia Water South East for having a low level of complaints.

But it warned that ‘some companies still have a long way to go’.

CCWater chairman Dame Yve Buckland said: ‘It is good news for many customers that complaint levels are down and overall results look promising.

‘We will continue to exert pressure on those companies who are underperforming until they match the best.

‘CCWater is there to help water customers who have hit a brick wall with their complaint. In four out of five cases we step in to get the company to improve what it has done for the consumer.’

Nationally, the Consumer Council for Water said the latest figures show a 4.5 per cent decrease for the 2010-11 period compared with 2009-10.