Drug addict threatened student with screwdriver

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A DRUG addict who broke into a student house and threatened a young woman with a screwdriver has been jailed for three years.

Prolific burglar David Green climbed through Bilqis Adeniji's bedroom window as she was sitting on her bed, texting a friend.

The 37-year-old, who was drunk, shouted at Miss Adeniji who ran onto the landing screaming for help.

Green, who has a large scar on his left cheek, chased after her, brandishing a screwdriver in his hand and shouting: 'I know where you live, I'm coming back for you.'

The frightened student hid in another bedroom with a housemate and they dialled 999 with Green still in the house.

When police officers arrived they found he had piled up the valuable items in the house.

They included a laptop computer and a Playstation 2 games console. When police arrived, Green was just about to leave.

Even with the police standing by, Green continued to threaten Miss Adeniji, telling her: 'Me and my 12 mates will come back and get you.'

Portsmouth Crown Court heard Green had previous convictions for more than 100 offences, including more than 10 for burglary as well as violent assaults.

Jailing him Recorder Anne Arnold said: 'During the hours of darkness you entered the room of a female student in a house where there was at least one other person.

'Having put them in fear you then set about collecting property.

'But for the arrival of the police no doubt you would have made off with that.

'Even after the police arrived you continued to threaten the occupants.'

Recorder Arnold said Miss Adeniji had been left frightened to be in the house and could not settle.

Green, of Blackfriars Close, Southsea, pleaded guilty to aggravated burglary after breaking into the house in Chichester Road, North End, in the early hours of November 6.

The court heard the heroin addict had been drinking cider before he climbed on to a pitched roof and got through the open window.

Stephen Smyth, defending, said: 'At the time of this offence he really knew very little about it.

'He was so drunk that he actually fell off the roof twice.'

He added: 'He knows he has got to go to prison. He is as contrite as you can be.'