Drunk fined for urinating in Portsmouth police station holding cell

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A MAN has been fined £50 for urinating in a police holding cell.

Charlie Easen, 24, claimed he ‘did ask’ to use a toilet after he was arrested on March 14 and held at Portsmouth Central. But Portsmouth Magistrates’ Court heard how nothing was noted by police recording any request. He faced no action over the initial reason for his arrest.

Howard Barrington-Clark, for Easen, said he was ‘in drink’ and there was a ‘lack of rapport’ between Easen and the officer at the station.

Magistrates fined Easen, of Middle Park Way, Leigh Park, £50 after he admitted criminal damage.

He admitted breaching a suspended sentence for twice breaching a restraining order and harassment, and was fined £25.

He must pay £115 in costs.