Ducklings are saved from the slaughter

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RESCUED ducklings are the latest residents at an animal sanctuary.

Irene Clarke, from Wymering, who runs a sanctuary at Sidlesham, near Chichester, West Sussex, said the 70 ducklings were originally destined for a battery farm.

However, after a deal fell through the farm could no longer take them.

Mrs Clarke said: ‘If I didn’t take them I knew they would probably be slaughtered.’

She said 100 ducklings were part of the deal and a friends of hers took 30 of them, leaving 70 to come to Old Gardens Animal Rescue Centre.

The 70 creatures brings the total number of ducks up to 170.

The ducklings are being kept in the warm while they grow.

Mr Clarke added: ‘I’ve got them inside the stable. It’s like a big plastic bowl.’

The centre is looking for people to provide a home for the rescued ducks.

‘People can take them now as long as they put them under heat,’ said Mrs Clarke.

Call 07775 670819.