Dumped kittens found inside bin in Portsmouth

Dumped kittens found in a bin
Dumped kittens found in a bin
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KITTENS were found dumped in a cardboard box, found inside a bin in Portsmouth.

A waste team working on behalf of Portsmouth City Council found the animals while emptying large bins into the waste compactor lorry in Buckland Park, near Sultan Road.

The kittens were found in the bin on Friday morning and were only seen when the crew spotted movement when they picked up the box.

A statement on the Portsmouth City Council Facebook page said: ‘Luckily our crew noticed some movement when they took the box out and checked inside to find the group of terrified kittens.

‘A few panicked and escaped, but thankfully these two little ones are safe and have now been found loving homes. ‘If you’re in the area - please keep an eye out for their siblings, they will be very frightened and need rescue.’

The statement added if residents find themselves with unexpected or unwanted kittens to call rescue centres such as Portsmouth Cats’ Protection, Stubbington Ark (RSPCA Solent Branch).

They also want anyone with information on who dumped the kittens to notify the RSPCA.

Portsmouth Cat Protection is available on 0345 3712743 and Stubbington Ark is available on 01329 667 541.