DVD tells the rich story of Meon Valley

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The Rev Jane Ball, Vicar of East Meon and Langrish, talks about the rich heritage of Meon Valley documented in a new DVD

HOW much do you know about the history of the area in which you live, work or play?

What did the landscape look like hundreds and even thousands of years ago?

Did anyone live there? What were their stories?

Well, in the Meon Valley we have been exploring our rich heritage and have made a DVD to tell its story through the ages.

The Meon Valley – A Journey of Discovery gives us the chance to follow in the footsteps of St Wilfrid, taking us from East Meon on the South Downs to Titchfield Haven on the Solent coast.

It brings to life the story of the river, its settlers, history and heritage.

The unique aerial footage, taken by a drone hovering over the landscape, is blended with ground-based filming and archive photography.

Alina Jenkins of the BBC narrates the story of the Meon Valley’s 10 villages and market towns, its history, churches and other rich heritage, and its four national nature reserves.

Viewers of all ages can experience the story from the Bronze and Iron Ages, through the Roman and Saxon eras to modern times.

It includes Shakespeare’s visit to Titchfield and Winston Churchill, the allied leaders and tens of thousands of troops and equipment deployed in the ancient Forest of Bere ahead of D-Day.

The film was commissioned by the Friends of the Saxon Church at Corhampton.

It’s part of its community heritage programme to 
bring to life the area’s heritage, of which the church, built in AD1020, is a living symbol.

It tells the story of how Christianity returned to the Meon Valley in the seventh century.

St Bede, in his eighth century Ecclesiastical History of the English People described the mission of Wilfrith of Northumberland (St Wilfrid) to convert the Meonwara (people of the Meon) to Christianity.

Wilfrith is believed to have built many churches along the valley, including 
a minster church at Titchfield.

The DVD brings to life the story and features of each of the 10 historic churches in the valley, and their communities.

Funding from the project came from the South Downs National Park’s Sustainable Community Fund and Winchester and Hampshire councils.

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