Dylan Moran - Laughing in the doom and gloom

Dylan Moran performs at the Guildhall tonight
Dylan Moran performs at the Guildhall tonight
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After stepping away from touring for nearly four years, Dylan Moran returns with his latest stand-up show claiming: ‘I’m here to save souls.’

The Irishman, from County Meath, has never been short of words and thinks the world is now in a time of crisis, with people being bombarded with bad news.

A famously angry young man, but now 43 and married with kids, Dylan’s view of the world comes from an older, wiser perspective and the comedian hopes this comes across in his upcoming stand-up tour, Off The Hook.

Having had a break from doing stand­-up, Dylan is revitalised and cannot wait to get back on the stage.

Dylan says: ‘I think personally you need to have that gap, because the world is constantly changing and sometimes you need to just take a step back and take in everything that is happening.

‘You need to be able to think, okay, so what has changed and what’s happening now?

‘If you look at the world, you watch or read the news, the outcome is generally very bleak and it leaves you thinking, what is the point of anything?’

After finding fame with his unforgettable performance as alcoholic book shop owner Bernard Black in Black Books in the early 2000s, like any good comedian Dylan wants to share how his life has changed and his views on modern life.

He believes people’s creativity has been stymied due to the incessant flow of bad news, and that as a result the general public has turned to ‘dull’ reality television shows instead

The Shaun Of The Dead actor wants to stimulate the minds of his audiences and find a common ground, so that people can relate to what he has to say about the state of the world.

‘As a comedian I am thinking there must be a common human thought that I can share with this audience.

‘The way I look at it is if you were stuck in a kitchen with a complete stranger you’ve got to find a bit of common ground to start a conversation.’

When asked if he would ever consider a return to writing for TV, Dylan admits it is not totally out of the picture, but he has more important things to think about now, such as his family.

But he says he wouldn’t be appearing on TV panel shows where he would just be laughing at other people’s jokes.

‘I don’t really want to be sat on TV laughing at my peers, I would rather be making things myself,’ he adds.

‘Because of my family I don’t actively pursue work as much.

‘If something comes up that I like the sound of, then yeah, I will certainly go for it, but I always have something in the works, whether that be writing or drawing.

‘I like to keep myself busy.’

Dylan Moran: Off The Hook is at Portsmouth Guildhall tonight, doors 7pm.

Tickets cost £27.50. For bookings go to portsmouthguildhall.org.uk or call 0844 847 2362.