Eagle owl lands in Gosport

The eagle owl
The eagle owl
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THIS huge owl sparked a commotion in a quiet cul-de-sac after local crows took exception to its arrival.

The eagle owl perched overnight on top of a home in Tebourba Drive, Alverstoke in Gosport.

But when the crows nearby spotted it they divebombed it, waking up resident Geoffrey Pell.

Mr Pell, who took the above picture, said: ‘There was one heck of a racket going on outside our bedroom window. There were dozens and dozens of crows really upset about something.

‘I could see them all diving down on something.’

Mr Pell believes the owl – which is not native to Great Britain and from Europe – had escaped from an aviary.

The commotion lasted two hours, with neighbours gathering to snap the bird.

Mr Pell said: ‘I got slightly braver and went a bit closer but it started to twitch and you could see its feet moving.

‘Each single talon was about as big as your middle finger crooked.

‘These things will pick up a fox and run away with it.

‘I thought to myself “if I get too close and it thinks I’m a pigeon, I’ve got no cover”.

‘They’re not known to attack humans but I thought I’d better be careful.’

The owl swooped to tackle a nearby crow before flying off at around 8.15am.

Mr Pell said his neighbour believes he heard it return briefly the next day.

The owls can grow to have a wingspan up to 6ft 6ins and can be up to 2ft 6ins tall.

Their natural habitat is cliffs and ravines with nearby bushes and scrubland for them to hunt in. They are often found in mountainous areas.