Ease of access opens up new world for aerodrome

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A GRASS path has made a world of difference for pilots and passengers visiting Daedalus Aerodrome.

The new 200m path enables passengers to make a brisk three-minute walk to the beach, instead of having to go around the whole airfield.

The development was introduced by Fareham Borough Council, which hopes the new plans will bring more people to the coastline of Lee-on-the-Solent.

It is the first time in 19 years that people who have flown to Daedalus will have the chance to make the short walk to beaches at Lee-on-the-Solent and Hill Head, as well as visit local businesses.

Leader of the council Sean Woodward said: ‘Since the council took ownership of the aerodrome we are moving as quickly as possible to increase the attractiveness of Daedalus.

‘Access to local amenities is a great attraction to airfield visitors and this was a simple, low-cost improvement that we were happy to make.’

The improvements to the airfield are 
part of a long-term investment by the council at the Solent enterprise zone housed at Daedalus Aerodrome.

The aim is to turn the airfield into a business destination with more than 3,500 jobs in aviation, aerospace and marine engineering.

The opening of the new path was welcomed by Lee Flying Association’s chairman Jon Butts, who said its introduction has completely transformed visitor experiences at the Solent.

Mr Butts said: ‘Having wonderful seafronts and local facilities a stone’s throw away yet inaccessible except by taxi has been disappointing for airfield visitors.

‘This is a quick win for the aerodrome and aviation visitors from across the UK and Europe.

‘Local businesses should benefit from additional visitors reaching them and discovering our area.’

Since the council took control of the aerodrome, members of the flying association have seen improvements happen a lot more quickly than expected, and hope that further developments will follow soon.