Eastney beach clean-up sees a good turnout

TIDY Volunteers
TIDY Volunteers

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MORE than 100 people from across the area hit the seafront for a big beach clean-up.

The volunteers braved the gusty winds to take part in the mass effort from Eastney to Southsea.

The event was organised by Chantelle Wyatt and her employer, diving and water sports company Triton Scuba.

She said: ‘It was a brilliant turnout especially given the weather conditions that were not ideal.

‘It shows that people do care about their environment.’

Volunteers of all ages attended throughout the day to show their support and raise awareness about ocean pollution.

David Jones, owner of Triton Scuba, also works for UK charity Plastic Oceans.

He said: ‘The problem of ocean pollution is growing beyond recognition.

‘One of the major issues is that the majority of the waste is plastic. It is virtually indestructible so if we don’t pick it up it could still be here in 400 years’ time.’

Volunteer Claire Sambrook said she does as much as she can to help protect the environment.

Shahla Hegan, from Horndean, said: ‘I always pick up litter when I see it. If everyone did the same we could solve this problem.’