Eastney flat explosion thought to have been sparked by air freshener

Police are investigating the incident

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A FLAT was severely damaged in an explosion thought to have been caused by an air freshener.

Police and firefighters were called to the second floor flat in Henderson Road, Eastney, shortly before 1.50am.

Damage caused to a flat in Eastney after an explosion Picture: Clare Semke

Damage caused to a flat in Eastney after an explosion Picture: Clare Semke

On arrival there was no fire but french doors and the main window to the property had been blown out.

The occupants, who were luckily unhurt, had to leave the property due to structural damage.

Sid Grant from Southsea fire station said they had been in the living room, left and shut the door when the explosion rocked the building.

He said: ‘It came through as a gas explosion in a second floor flat. When we arrived there was no fire.

‘There had been an explosion whereby it had blown out the french doors and the main window of the flats and created some structural damage.

‘It [the explosion] pushed a wall out about an inch and there were cracks in the walls of the apartment.

‘There wasn’t a gas leak as such.

‘What we put it down to was an air freshener. It was battery operated and lets out a puff of perfume now and again and it had projected from across the room, back across the ceiling.’

Eight firefighters from Southsea station and a senior officer were at the scene for about an-hour-and-a-half and advised that a structural engineer should be called out to assess the damage.

Mr Grant added: 'It was a very unusual job. In the living room they had just walked out of the room to get something and that’s when it happened.

‘It [the air freshener] was placed over the top of a lamp but they said it hadn’t been on.

‘There was quite a large amount of damage for something like that.

‘Police were in attendance as well.

‘We advised them to call out a structural engineer.’