Eat and drink, but don't get too merry, warns booze campaign

A Scas ambulance

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People are being told they can eat, drink and be merry this festive period - but they're being warned not to over-do it.

Chichester District Council is telling people that excessive amounts of alcohol could lead to a hospital admission.

Councillor Heather Caird, who heads health for the council, said: 'Every year more than 33,000 people are admitted to hospital with alcohol- related health problems.

'The effects of alcohol on your health will depend on how much you drink.

'The more you drink, the greater the health risks.'

She said one of the most useful tips was to drink plenty of water while out partying.

Cllr Caird said: 'Staying safe and healthy while out drinking has become even easier following changes made to the Licensing Act 2003 in April and October this year.

'The changes require operators of certain licensed premises selling alcohol to make tap water freely available on request.

'Operators must also make customers aware of the availability of smaller measures of alcohol.'

The council has issued safety tips, including making sure that you eat before drinking to reduce the effects of alcohol.

People are also advised to take a break of 48 hours after a heavy session.