‘100 per cent of students should get good GCSEs’

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THE headteacher of a school in Fareham has welcomed education secretary Michael Gove’s new threshold for a minimum 50 per cent good GCSE pass rate in schools.

Nadine Powrie, who joined Neville Lovett Community School this year, said she would like to go further and see 100 per cent of all children achieving five A* to C GCSEs including English and maths.

She said: ‘What Mr Gove’s saying is great and it’s high time he raised the targets.

‘All students should leave with good English and maths GCSEs.

‘In Singapore the average pass rate is 80 per cent, but in England half our students don’t achieve that.’

Mrs Powrie claims poor teaching especially at the early years stage is one of the root causes for poor standards in later life.

She said: ‘I’ve had to advertise four times for a maths post because the standard of applicants was simply not good enough – there is a rarity of good English and maths teachers, especially in the south.

‘We need to put more resources in education for children up to five years to help them read and write.

‘I’d also like to see teacher training in the core subjects improved.’

Neville Lovett achieved a 45 per cent good GCSE pass rate in 2010, but Mrs Powrie hopes to gain 60 per cent this year.

Mr Gove, speaking at a school leadership conference yesterday, threatened schools failing to reach the new target by 2015 with takeovers by good schools or academies.