£460,000 Portchester Community School pitch project gets the green light

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AN astroturf pitch will be built in Portchester as part of a £460,000 project.

Fareham Borough Council is stumping up £50,000 towards the facility in the grounds of Portchester Community School.

The pitch will not only benefit the students, it will also be used by the local community and football teams.

Councillor Nick Walker, of the Portchester West ward, said: ‘It will be an all-weather pitch and they will tidy up the tennis courts.

‘This will be of a great benefit to the residents of Portchester.

‘The public at large will be able to use all these facilities in the school.

‘AFC Portchester are looking for an additional training facility which can be lit, so they can use it in winter.’

The total cost of the project is just over £460,000 with additional funding coming from the school itself, Hampshire Children’s Services, Hampshire Property Services and Sport England.

‘It’s good to see a partnership with all the other agencies,’ Cllr Walker added.

‘It supports healthy lifestyles.

‘It’s good for the children, both disabled and able-bodied children.’

Councillor Roger Price, of the Portchester East ward, added: ‘The astroturf will be a great asset to the community.

‘The school will use it during the day and the community can use it as well.’

Hampshire County Council placed a restriction on the hours that the floodlights are switched on, so that it doesn’t disturb residents living near to the school.

The floodlights can be used until 10pm on weekdays, 6.45pm on Saturdays and 5pm on Sundays.

The project will include two tennis courts and the redevelopment of three tennis and netball courts in the school grounds.

It will allow the school to use the astroturf pitch for rugby, hockey and track athletics as well as for football.