A-level teaching could be set to return to Fareham

IDEA Fareham Academy headteacher Nadine Powrie
IDEA Fareham Academy headteacher Nadine Powrie

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A NEW sixth form could open in Fareham to allow students to study A-levels in the town.

As reported in The News, Fareham College has stopped teaching A-levels as it now focuses on vocational courses.

It means that there is nowhere for youngsters in the borough to study at that level.

But now, Fareham Academy, which was formerly Neville Lovett Community School, has announced it hopes to open a sixth form in September 2015.

Headteacher Nadine Powrie said: ‘At the moment students going to sixth form have to travel and are spending a lot of time on transport.

‘I feel in Fareham there’s a need for students to have a sixth form. It’s a great opportunity for us. It would be a natural progression to what Fareham Academy can become for the students.

‘We want our identity to change. We want to encourage our students to go to university and have a great future.

‘We want the best for our students and we believe that having a sixth form will offer them the best opportunity in Fareham.’

The school has applied to the Education Funding Agency (EFA) for permission to open the new centre and to provide funding.

Eventually, new buildings would be constructed on the site.

Councillor Sean Woodward, leader of Fareham Borough Council, added: ‘The situation at the moment is that there are well over 1,000 children who have to leave the borough of Fareham every day in search of A-level provision.

‘But Neville Lovett has come on immensely in the last two to three years.

‘It’s amazing progress. I know that huge credit is down to Nadine for that.

‘Now they are an academy and they want to move to A-level provision.

‘I support the provision but my one concern is whether they will get the numbers in to make it sustainable to get sufficient lecturers in. That’s the real challenge.’

Meanwhile, the headteacher of Cams Hill School has said plans were being considered to open a sixth form, but they have now been put on hold.

David Wilmot said governors had talked about bringing in A-levels at the school, but that for financial reasons they have decided not to proceed yet.

He said: ‘The governors were interested but we just felt that this wasn’t quite the right time.’

A consultation evening will take place at Fareham Academy on Monday, January 20 at 6pm in the school hall.