A multi-coloured sock show raises money to save Syrian children

From left: Teddy Blake, Alex Jones, Dylan Biddiscombe, Lauren Hollick and Maya Hughes
From left: Teddy Blake, Alex Jones, Dylan Biddiscombe, Lauren Hollick and Maya Hughes
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Snazzy footwear campaign sends cash to Save the Children refugee appeal

Pupils at Whiteley Primary School were allowed to bend the uniform rules and wear their wildest, brightest, snazziest socks and tights.

Hundreds of children took part in the snazzy socks event, where donations went to the Save the Children Syrian appeal, writes head teacher of Whiteley Primary School Lesley Pennington.

The event was the brainchild of two year 6 pupils who had been moved by news reports they had seen during the summer holiday.

They had seen the plight of the refugees, and in particular the distressing scenes of the little boy who had been found drowned on a Turkish beach.

When they returned to school in September they approached me about their desire to help and so the idea of Snazzy Socks Supporting Syria came about.

The Save the Children appeal was chosen as they are working particularly with children and families within Syria and in the refugee camps in neighbouring countries to help provide humanitarian aid and ensure refugee children still receive basic rights.

As part of our school curriculum we teach our pupils about the three Rs: Rights, Respect and Responsibilities.

This Hampshire initiative focuses on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) which countries around the world, including our own, signed up to in 1989.

Children as young as four learn about the basic rights of all children and as they move through our school learn about the UNCRC.

The aim of the three Rs is to develop more knowledgeable, active, socially responsible, democratic citizens and so we are delighted when our pupils show they are developing in this way by being proactive citizens.

In our school the children understand they all have the same rights and we discuss how to respect the rights of others.

At the start of each school year, each class agrees a class charter based on their rights and how they will help ensure everyone in their class has these rights.

Our Home-School Agreement is also based on the UNCRC showing how as a school community we value these rights. Charity events such as Snazzy Socks Supporting Syria enable us to learn about articles in the UNCRC which refer to particular groups of children – for example, those affected by war or who are refugees.

The event raised a fantastic £740, but we also hope it has helped to develop the children’s awareness of current events around the globe – just by having a bit of fun in school.