Academy is first school to compost all its food waste

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PORTSMOUTH’S only academy has become the first school in the city to compost its own food waste.

Charter Academy has signed up to a scheme run by Portsmouth Friends of the Earth Association.

It means all its raw and cooked foods no longer get dumped – but instead go through a composting machine at the school which transforms waste into nourishment for its gardens.

Assistant vice-principal Naomi Carter said: ‘It’s a great scheme for the children, many of whom live in built-up areas and are keen to learn about nature and in this case the benefits of composting.

‘We’re proud of our horticultural area where youngsters grow plants and vegetables, and this scheme is an added bonus.’

The composting machine adds sawdust to food waste and turns the mixture around in high temperatures.

Three weeks later, it is put in another bin and left to mature for a further four weeks.