All change to fashion at Highbury College

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Cllr Hannah Hockaday

Building work begins on new £3.2m Cosham school

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HIGHBURY College has announced plans to change the way it runs its fashion curriculum.

The Cosham-based college has announced it is launching brand new courses that will see an investment in learning resources.

Current staff leading the fashion courses have been redeployed across to other parts of the college.

Dee John is executive director of the Corporate College based at Highbury College.

He said: ‘Highbury College has redeveloped its fashion curriculum to better reflect the needs of the sector in terms of qualifications and experience for young people and adults.

‘The college is determined to ensure all fashion graduates have the qualifications and hands-on experience they need to succeed in today’s competitive job market.

‘Following a review of its curriculum, Highbury is launching new courses that will require an investment in learning resources.’

He added: ‘A review of staffing for the new curriculum has resulted in current fashion staff being redeployed across the college.

‘Highbury is now recruiting for new teaching staff with up-to-the minute fashion experience to run its exciting new courses.

‘As always, Highbury College is committed to excellence in all its curriculum areas.’