Anger from parents as Fareham College axes A-Levels

UNDER FIRE Fareham College is axing A-levels

PARENTS have reacted angrily to plans to scrap A-levels at Fareham College.

As revealed in The News yesterday, the college is dropping its full-time provision for A-levels due to a lack of interest from students.

The focus will now be on vocational courses.

But people have criticised the college for leaving it so late, with many students planning to join in September.

Louise Theobold, 38, from Gosport has a 16-year-old son, Jai Morgan, who was hoping to attend the college.

She said: ‘It’s disgraceful. They must have had an idea of what was going to come of it all.

‘My son is panicking in the middle of his GCSEs about what’s going to happen in September. It’s disappointing for them because it’s such a stressful time.’

Richard Mainwaring, said: ‘Why have they left it to halfway through their GCSE exams to announce to these children that they no longer have a place?

‘I believe there are now a large number of children that potentially have no place for further education next year and are currently sitting in exam rooms worrying about that instead of concentrating on their exams.’

Nigel Finch said his daughter Emma is now without a place at college.

‘Sadly it now seems focus and hard work, due to budget cuts, means very little in a country that values the potential of its children to make us a global success again.

‘There are a lot of young girls and boys tonight that will be thrown into turmoil.’

Principal Nigel Duncan said: ‘Without question we regret any disappointment or anxiety that prospective A-level students and their parents might be feeling.

‘We have written to every student and their parents offering them a personal interview to arrange for alternative provision either at Fareham or at an alternative preferred college.

‘It is important to make sure we get every student placed before the college’s break for the summer.

‘We are working very hard to ensure this, but need students that require support to contact us.’

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