Apprenticeship at college proves to be big success

Portsmouth school launches postcard art project

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APPRENTICES from Fareham College have completed a course in spectator safety.

It enables people to gain employment working as stewards for the area’s local football clubs.

This programme is the only one in the UK and lasted 20 weeks.

The students worked match days at Portsmouth, Southampton and Eastleigh football clubs.

While on their apprenticeship, they learnt skills such as drug and alcohol awareness, door security, stop and search and physical intervention.

Students were given insights into the CCTV network in the local area and have all been given the opportunity to work at Portsmouth and Southampton permanently.

Derek Stone, head of operations at Fratton Park, said: ‘We were approached by the training centre when it started the apprenticeship scheme, to support them in allowing students to visit Fratton Park and look at the safety aspect of running events at our stadium.

‘The enthusiasm shown by the students and the professionalism of the training delivered demonstrated the value of this scheme.’

Some students expressed an interest in becoming stewards at Fratton Park and the club has now taken six of them on.

Ryan Anderson, 18, from Locks Heath, said: ‘It was a good experience to do something new. As a result, I’ve managed to secure three jobs – working at Portsmouth and Southampton football clubs and for Vespasian.’