Army cadets help raise £2,000 for kids’ hospice

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ARMY Cadets from Portsmouth made a £2,000 splash for a children’s hospice when they took part in a 100km indoor rowing race.

The youngsters aged between 12 and 18 rose to the challenge in support of Naomi House Children’s Hospice, which is based in Hampshire.

Trecia Aspey, from the hospice, said: ‘These young people are terrific and we are grateful for their efforts.

‘There are so many charities in need of support and we appreciate the time and effort they put into raising this sum.

‘I hope some of the cadets will come to Naomi House to see for themselves what a happy environment it provides.’

Colonel Rod Lambert, county commandant of the Hampshire and Isle of Wight army cadet force, said he was very proud of his army cadets.

He added: ‘We are here to provide challenging activities for young people but I had thought that a 100km race on indoor rowing machines might be too challenging for some.

‘I needn’t have worried, cadets across the county rose to the occasion, including a team from the Air Training Corps and a team of adult instructors.’