BAFTA win for university’s film

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Dinosaur experts from the University of Portsmouth worked on a documentary that has just scooped a BAFTA award.

Dr David Martill and colleagues were special advisors on the film Flying Monsters 3D which won best specialist factual programme at the prestigious awards ceremony on Sunday.

The hour-long film, written and presented by David Attenborough, examines the prehistoric pterosaurs – giant winged beasts which dominated the skies millions of years ago – for which the university’s School of Earth and Environmental Sciences team spent more than a year advising animators and creating the models to base the animations on.

Dr Martill said: ‘It’s a brilliant feeling to have been a part of something which has been recognised by BAFTA.

‘Having the world’s leading naturalist take an interest in show-casing these beasts, which are known only through their fossilised remains, was a tremendous coup for those of us who are passionate about uncovering the facts about these creatures.’