Banned: The 30p credit card craze sweeping Portsmouth schools

SWAP The Credit Cruncherz card craze has been banned at some schools
SWAP The Credit Cruncherz card craze has been banned at some schools
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A CARD-SWAPPING craze has been banned by headteachers for causing playground arguments.

Credit Cruncherz are novelty pretend credit cards that feature pictures of celebrities such as Wayne Rooney and Cheryl Cole.

Children pay 30p for a pack of four cards and then swap between them to try to complete the set.

But one head says the craze has got out of hand – and has banned them.

Simon Cattermole, headteacher at Portsmouth’s Stamshaw Junior School has an inch-thick pile of the cards which have been confiscated.

He said: ‘The reason why they became a pain is because they started causing arguments. I told them I don’t want to see them in school.

‘Our children are more than welcome to collect them but if they want to play with the cards, they can do so outside school.’

Claire Stevens, head at Newbridge Juniors in Buckland, said she had an outright ban on games including Credit Cruncherz to prevent arguments and distractions in the classroom.

She said: ‘I don’t encourage children to bring in anything like it into school. The Credit Cruncherz look genuine and I’d worry some of the younger children would help themselves to cards from their mother’s purses to trade.

‘There’s also the problem with children making a swap one day and wanting their cards back the next and some children who can’t afford to buy the cards feeling left out.

‘We’ve banned them to put a stop to things before they get out of hand.’