Big celebrations to mark 80 years of city schools

Portsmouth school launches postcard art project

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PUPILS released balloons with messages of memories about their school to mark its 80th birthday.

Youngsters at Northern Parade Infant and Juniors in Hilsea marked their school’s milestone by each learning about a different decade that the school has been open.

Northern Parade Schools celebrate their 80th Birthday with a balloon launch''Picture: Paul Jacobs  (131403-3)

Northern Parade Schools celebrate their 80th Birthday with a balloon launch''Picture: Paul Jacobs (131403-3)

They dressed up in clothes from that era with pupils, learnt about topics such as the moon landings in the 1960s, dancing and music from different decades, and life in the war during the 1940s.

‘Each year group then made a montage of their decade that the school is going to have made into plastic boards to be put up around the grounds to illustrate Northern Parade through the years.

Former pupil, June Silver, planted a tree along with the youngest pupils – Elijah Jull and Jack Dickson.

Headteacher Jackie Smith, said it was important to mark the occasion.

‘The school has been so much part of the community.

‘In the war it was taken over by the services.

‘It’s 80 years old. Maybe we won’t be here in 100 years. It’s a milestone. It’s good for the children because it helps them understand the school and the significance of the school in the community.

‘They can relate to it, it means something to them.’

And she added that the children loved the opportunity to dress up. ‘They have been so excited,’ she said. ‘They will talk to you about what they have found out about the school. It’s important that they know about their school and their community. It’s their life and their culture. It’s where they live. It’s their little part of the world.

‘I’m so proud of the pupils and the school community. I am so proud to be a part of it.’

Children found out the school was used as a base for the forces during the Second World War. They were shown photographs of tanks in their playground. They also know that in the 1940s the school was closed to mark the marriage of Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip.