Bonjour! Children pay visit to delicatessen to practise their French

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CHILDREN have been putting their French-speaking skills to the test on a trip to a local delicatessen.

Year 5 pupils from Milton Park Primary School paid a visit to Lucile’s Deli in Marmion Road in Southsea.

Pupil James Norris and deli owner Lucile Tourres. ''''Picture: Allan Hutchings (14194-211)

Pupil James Norris and deli owner Lucile Tourres. ''''Picture: Allan Hutchings (14194-211)

They have been learning French for three years, and the trip gave them the chance to order French food using the skills they have learnt.

Pupil Chloe Archer, nine, said: ‘It’s a good inspiration for children to learn French.

‘You learn how to buy things in French.

‘It’s a really good way to learn. It’s quite fun.

‘I like learning everyday things like different words and phrases.’

James Norris, 10, added: ‘It’s fun.

‘We have been learning lots about French food.

‘It’s good practice because in a couple of weeks some of us are actually going to France. It’s a nice place to go to.’

Children ordered things such as meat and cheese, as well as pastries.

They also bought packets of traditional French sweets and chocolates.

Lucile Tourres is the owner of the shop and comes from France.

She said: ‘It’s cool because they get to interact with a real French person as well.

‘Most of them haven’t been to France. It’s good because it’s not too much for them.

‘They have a good time and they discover new things as well.’

Ken Walters teaches French at the school.

He said: ‘The children have been learning French for nearly three years now.

‘We’ve been learning lots of different topics.

‘This half-term we’re learning about French food and how to buy French food in a shop.

‘They are here to practise their French but also to look at the differences between a French and an English shop.

‘Hopefully it will encourage them to push the boundaries a little bit.

‘Some of them will be going to France in a few weeks’ time and it will be good practice for them when they go.’

Mr Walters said it’s a good idea for children to learn a foreign language from an early age.

‘It’s very important to speak a second language,’ he added.

‘France is our nearest neighbour.

‘It’s a lovely language to learn.

‘A lot of countries around the world speak French.

‘If they travel, it will take them a long way.’

And he said the children have embraced the trip.

‘They have been fantastic. They’ve enjoyed it, they’ve really tried their hardest to speak French,’ he said.

‘They have all responded really well.

‘We’ve had very good feedback from them.’