Businesses can play a vital role in governing schools

CALL Portsmouth City Council head of education Julien Kramer
CALL Portsmouth City Council head of education Julien Kramer
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businesses and schools can benefit from helping people become school governors.

That’s the message from Portsmouth City Council education head Julien Kramer, who has called on companies to get involved in school governorship.

Roger Salvetti

Roger Salvetti

The call follows yesterday’s launch in The News of Get on Board, a campaign to encourage people to become school governors. Mr Kramer said the city’s schools themselves were big businesses, and companies would benefit from forming links with them.

He said: ‘Some of our largest schools have budgets of over £5m a year, and even the smaller ones have budgets of over £1m a year.

‘So by getting involved business can get a link with a significant community of local businesses.’

Mr Kramer said companies could benefit from the skills employees learn serving on a school’s governing board.

‘They get a lot of chances for professional development – from learning about procurement and education to learning how management boards work.’

Mr Kramer said that although specific skills were not required to become a governor, people with accounting, legal human resources or other business skills were especially valued.

He said: ‘To have a business background can be enormously helpful for schools.’

Roger Salvetti is chairman of Shaping Portsmouth’s education workstream group.

He said the group had been encouraging businesspeople to become school governors for years.

Mr Salvetti said: ‘It’s a great opportunity for the development of the person and the skills of that person.

‘Younger governors get a chance to build their own management skills.

‘They can help formulate a policy for a school to address the skills that are missing in the workforce.’

Portsmouth currently has a shortfall of 135 school governors. To find out more about becoming a governor call the council’s education team on (023) 9284 1716.