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SCHOOL caterers have been classed as ahead of the game when it comes to serving meals that meet new rules for healthy school dinners.

Lunches in Hampshire County Council schools both taste good and are nutritionally balanced under HC3S, the council’s school catering team.

It meant the new school dinners menu, introduced after the autumn half-term already meets the new rules that came into force this week.

HC3S school dinners are served with vegetables or salad from south coast growers.

The price of a hot, two-course meal has been held at £2 by the county council for the sixth year in a row.

Councillor Peter Edgar, the councillor in charge of education for Hampshire, said: ‘Enabling children to enjoy a nutritionally sound, hot school meal in the middle of the day plays an important role in their growth and can be the key to children maintaining a healthy weight as well as being better prepared for the demands of the school day.’

Since the introduction of the initiative that offers a free school meal for all infant school children, the take-up of school meals has risen by 20,000 meals a day with the number of hot school meals being cooked by HC3S standing at a record level of a million meals a month.