Chichester uni concert to celebrate Jazz day

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MUSIC students past and present will return to the University of Chichester for a concert in honour of International Jazz Day on Monday.

The free event will showcase the talents of Lem and the White Fire – an 11-piece band made up of alumni musicians, graduate pianist Rob Westwood and ensembles led by first year singer Becky Wolff and third year percussionist Rich Carter.

Nick Reynolds, a senior lecturer and jazz co-ordinator at the university who is organising the concert, said: ‘Jazz brings our students together regardless of background or musical tastes.

‘Our regular jazz nights are a key social feature within the department.

‘This celebration of International Jazz Day highlights the role jazz plays as a global mediator.’

This year marks the first ever UNESCO celebration that aims to raise awareness of jazz as a historical form of expression for repressed people.

The concert will be held in the music block at the university’s Bishop Otter Campus from 6.30pm until 9pm.