Children design Titchfield carnival posters

Forest School Leaders Dawn White and Sue Evans with their pupils outside the school

Picture: Habibur Rahman (180146-338)

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A PRIMARY school is celebrating as two of its pupils have won the Titchfield Carnival poster competition.

Titchfield Bonfire Boys Society, the organisers of the carnival, asked Titchfield Primary School pupils to come up with posters for the upcoming event.

Emily Kerr (5) and Ben Frampton (8) with their winning posters.''''Picture: Sarah Standing (123374-8105)

Emily Kerr (5) and Ben Frampton (8) with their winning posters.''''Picture: Sarah Standing (123374-8105)

Mike Bainbridge, headteacher, said: ‘The competition was open to everyone and it was voluntary so the children designed the posters in their own time. It was fantastic to see so many entries.

‘All the pictures were really great, and the winning posters are fab.’

The competition was judged by local artist, Bryan Dunleavy, who said he had a difficult job choosing the winners, but thought that the winning posters had captured the spirit of the carnival.

Emily Kerr, 5, from Titchfield, winner of the 4-7 age group, said: ‘My Mum said to me if I could remember the man that sold balloons, I did, so I drew him.

‘I really like flags so I drew them too.’

Emily went to the carnival for the first time last year and is looking forward to this years. She said she was so excited to tell her family.

She said: ‘This is the first competition that I have ever won. When my Dad found out he nearly choked on his food because he was so happy.’

Ben Frampton, 8, winner of the 8-11 age group, said that he really likes drawing although normally he would prefer to draw animals.

Ben said: ‘I like drawing wildlife and tigers are my favourite.’

His winning poster had an Olympic theme.

Ben said: ‘I drew the Olympics because I liked watching it, especially the swimming.

‘The man in a wheelchair is a Paralympian. I like the gymnastics too, I hope there are gymnasts at the carnival.’

Titchfield Carnival has been held in the village every year since the 19th Century. Tradition says that the original carnivals featured the burning effigy of the Earl of Southampton who ordered the carnival’s closure.

This year the carnival will take place from midday on Sunday, October 28.

There will be activities in Barry’s Meadow including face painting, music lessons, circus lessons, marching bands and refreshments.

Ann Whyntie, from the Bonfire Boys Society, said: ’The posters are excellent. Hopefully they will encourage people to come to the carnival and support us.’

Ben and Emily won art equipment and their winning posters are currently on display around the village.