Children in Need: Junior School has a pretty perfect Pudsey plan

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Newbridge Junior School in Fratton dressed up as things that begin with the letter ‘P’ to raise money for Children in Need.

The school’s student council decided that the theme of this year’s Children in Need day was going to be things that begin with the letter ‘P’.

Newbridge Junior School Picture: Maria Bujor

Newbridge Junior School Picture: Maria Bujor

The student council is made of two pupils from every year group so everyone is represented and all decisions are fair.

Diana, on the student council, said: ‘We chose to dress up as things beginning with the letter “P” because it’s really fun and different.’

The pupils also came up with another quirky idea to make a big Pudsey bear out of copper and silver coins.

Maya is also on the student council and said: ‘We are using pennies and silver coins to make up the huge Pudsey face and then we are going to donate all that money to charity too.’

Pudsey Bear

Pudsey Bear

Dotty, from the council, said: ‘We have made a deal with the bank for them to accept and exchange the old pound coins so they can still be donated as many people still have them.’

Deputy headteacher Karen Denton said: ‘It’s amazing to see the effort that the children have put in today to raise money.

‘I saw many different characters today such as parrots, peacocks and even presents.’