Children make an important trunk call...

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Compassionate pupils have raised money for endangered elephants through a fun-filled day of activities.

Saint Thomas More’s Catholic Primary School raised more than £440 for the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, in an attempt to help save the species.

Youngsters at St Thomas More's Catholic Primary School in Bedhampton Picture: Habibur Rahman (170844-817)

Youngsters at St Thomas More's Catholic Primary School in Bedhampton Picture: Habibur Rahman (170844-817)

Year 5 students have spent the last eight weeks learning all about the plight of elephants – one dies every 15 minutes – with the support of their parents who gave them money for the day’s activities.

The pupils took part in games including a coconut shy, penalty shoot-out, guess the elephant name, pin the tail on the elephant and donuts on a string.

Across the 13 stalls they also held bake sales, raffle prizes and treasure hunts.

Year 5 teacher Jennifer Langford outlined how important the day was to the students. She said: ‘It’s been a massive build-up.

‘The children worked incredibly hard, they’ve written some amazing stories, some great poems, designed posters and delivered assemblies. They’ve planned today and organised all the events.’

The school hoped to adopt orphan elephants after viewing a video featuring the trust’s founder, Daphne Sheldrick. Mrs Langford added: ‘The children were really moved and saddened when they found out what happened to the elephants. That’s how we chose the trust.’

Year 5 teacher, Alex Vaux, spoke of the impact the charity event has had on the students. He said: ‘It gives them a purpose to what they’re doing rather than writing things for no reason, so they’re engaged that way.’

Students were able to pay a small amount of money to complete each stall, and even the teachers got involved. Mrs Langford said: ‘All the children have loved Alex’s stall because they get to throw wet sponges at him for 50p. So he’s soaked.’

Students Eva Barton and Kirsty O’Neill, aged 10, loved being able to support the cause. The girls said: ‘We’ve got all different activities because we would like to raise some money for the elephants because lots of them are dying from poachers.’