Children with eczema are needed for new University of Portsmouth study

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YOUNG eczema suffers are being asked to take part in a new scientific study which will test the effect of wearing silk clothing on their condition.

Around 300 children are being recruited for the clinical trial to establish whether or not specialist silk clothing really does help in the treatment of eczema.

Scientists at the University of Portsmouth want volunteers from Portsmouth and the Isle of Wight to come forward to see if they are eligible.

Participants should be aged between one and 15, with moderate to severe eczema.

Professor Tara Dean, from the school of health sciences and social work, said: ‘Most treatments of eczema only suppress the condition and may have side- effects.

‘Silk clothing, which is comfortable to wear, is thought to have protective and antimicrobial properties. However, existing research evidence is limited to a few small studies.’

For more information please call Jane Grundy, the research nurse at Isle of Wight NHS Trust on 01983 534178 or e-mail