Clanfield teacher goes the extra mile to help out Ryan

TRIAL Ryan Goddard with teaching assistant Celeste Gilchrist.  Picture: Paul Jacobs  (13608-1)
TRIAL Ryan Goddard with teaching assistant Celeste Gilchrist. Picture: Paul Jacobs (13608-1)
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THE mum of a diabetic schoolboy wants to thank his teacher for learning how to use a new pump to control his insulin levels.

Ryan Goddard goes to Petersgate Infant School, in Green Lane, Clanfield.

The six-year-old was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at 16 months old.

Since then, his family have injected him daily with insulin and monitor his food carefully.

But now Ryan is trying out a diabetic pump, which supplies his body with a constant flow of insulin.

His mum Emma, 34, of Boyle Crescent, Purbrook, said: ‘When Ryan was diagnosed, it was hard to get used to.

‘It changed all of our lives. He was on four injections a day and we would be checking his blood sugar levels.

‘But now he’s trying this pump and it seems to be much better for him.

‘His school has been absolutely fantastic with his care.

‘I can’t thank his teacher enough for taking the time to learn how the pump works and looking after him.

‘I don’t know if more schools could help in this way, because it really is brilliant.’

The pump works as a small tube is inserted into the body, which regularly provides insulin.

The level is regulated by an electronic device that is carried in a pouch, avoiding the need for as many injections.

Insulin levels can be changed by pressing a button – something teaching assistant Celeste Gilchrist trained to do to help Ryan.

She said: ‘I don’t have to do it, but when he came to this school, the teaching assistants in reception agreed they would give him his insulin.

‘We are here to try and help the pupils, and now he’s in my class I will carry on that care.

‘I went down to Queen Alexandra Hospital a couple of times, and Ryan’s mum has been at the school to show how it works.

‘It’s not a difficult thing to do, but there is a weight of responsibilty that’s quite frightening.

‘It’s something new, so it’s a bit daunting, but it helps Ryan.’