Clever Seb is an A star when it comes to sums

  • Teachers spotted maths gift and put 12-year-old in for maths GCSE
  • He took exam four years and achieved and A*
  • Also took gold in national maths competition
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WHILE his classmates were winding down preparing for the long summer holiday there was one 12-year-old studying hard for a maths GCSE.

And all the hard work paid off for Sebastian Cawte who achieved an A*.

Beforehand I did almost every practice paper that was ever written

Seb Cawte

It was further proof that Seb, as the Horndean Technology College pupil likes to be known, is a maths genius.

Earlier this year he won gold in the UK Junior Maths Challenge, putting him in the top six per cent of the 600,000 pupils who entered.

Seb, of Five Heads Road, Horndean, said: ‘I’m not sure there is a word in the English language to express how I feel about the A*. Overjoyed is pretty close.

‘I have an affinity with maths. It’s been like that since about Year 3.

‘I started to get better and better and, as I moved up to Horndean Technology College, I started to get really good at it. I began following my own projects in class.

‘But I honestly did not expect the teachers to offer me the chance to take my maths GCSE this year.

‘I certainly tried very hard and hoped I would get an A*.

‘Beforehand I did almost every practice paper that was ever written.’

Modest Seb, who has just turned 13, said he had it easier than other pupils because he took the exam early.

‘To be honest I had a tremendous advantage because all the others were doing multiple GCSEs while I only had to concentrate on this one,’ he said.

‘It meant I could target my focus.’

Seb says he cannot pick out any individual theories that he enjoys most – because he loves all of them so much.

‘I think it’s the logicality of it that I love – the way you can break down anything with maths.

‘It’s a base level everything fits in. It’s like a language with exceptions and rules.’

Seb’s mum Amanda says she is immensely proud of him. ‘He’s just like any other boy and loves normal things like Minecraft,’ she said. ‘He doesn’t walk round with his head in a maths book.’