College inspires film actress

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ONE of biggest stars of Nollywood – Nigeria’s film industry – visited a Portsmouth college for some inspiration.

Joke Silva, who is developing a school for theatre, film, media and the arts in Nigeria, picked up some top tips from staff and students at Highbury College.

The actress, who has starred alongside Colin Firth, said: ‘In our film industry we have a lot of energy and enthusiasm, but little skill.

‘My husband and I have started an institution that we want to dedicate to theatre, film, media and the arts.

‘Coming to Highbury has been like seeing the dream in reality.’

Nollywood is the third biggest film industry in the world.

After a tour of the college, Joke said: ‘Innovative, vocational institutions, I believe, are the way forward because there will always be a need for skills.

‘All the facilities are there for young people to be the best that they can be.’