College loos save water

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Jean Everitt from Friends of the Earth, Cllr Trevor Cartwright, Cllr Rob Humby, Cllr Graham Burgess, Jean MacGrory from Hampshire County Council with Callum Manson, Thomas Houghton and Skye Maccoll from Rowner Junior School. Picture: David George

Youngsters take on pollution

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WATERLESS urinals have been installed at a city college that is doing its bit to save water.

While there is no hosepipe ban in south Hampshire, Portsmouth Water is urging people to conserve supplies.

Highbury College’s investment will save almost 50,000 litres of water a year, making a £135 saving.

Ian McGaw, Highbury’s premises and estates officer, said: ‘Anything that will save water and make the college more green is, of course, something that we will look to do.

‘We are constantly monitoring the utilities and trying to find ways to reduce their running costs.

‘Although there are currently only two urinals installed, we are very hopeful that they will show significant cost reductions and then we will look to install more.’