Council clamps down on term time holidays

Plans by Fareham council to change levy to deliver school places

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MORE parents than ever before are being fined for taking their children out of school in term time.

According to research by the BBC, 773 parents in Portsmouth were fined £50 for taking their children out of school, and of those, 171 of them were prosecuted for not paying the fine.

Those prosecutions have risen by 130 per cent since 2010/11, when 74 were prosecuted out of 657 parents fined.

In Southampton 132 parents were prosecuted for non-payment.

Conversely, in the rest of Hampshire no-one has been fined.

The BBC says one of the main reasons parents are taking their children out of school early is to take advantage of cheaper out-of-season holiday deals.

But schools are clamping down as to achieve an ‘outstanding’ Ofsted report, a school has to have a minimum of 94 per cent attendance.