Councils list schools affected by strike action

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RECORD numbers of schools are set to close or face major disruption as heads and teachers go on strike on Wednesday in protest to changes to their pensions.

Portsmouth City and Hampshire County councils have published lists of schools in their areas that have made contingency plans to either close, partially close or remain open if the industrial action goes ahead.

The industrial action is set to be the biggest in decades as 26 unions including the four major classroom unions - the NUT, NASUWT, NAHT and ATL walk out in protest.

They are angry at government proposals to make them pay more into their pensions, receive less when they retire and work until they are 68.

In Portsmouth, the city council says at least 46 schools - arouind 80 per cent of the total - will either close or be open to specific year groups.

Here are the lists of school closures released by the city council and by Hampshire County Council.


Admiral Lord Nelson School - closed

Arundel Court Infants - closed

Arundel Court Juniors - closed

Charles Dickens Infants - closed

Charles Dickens Juniors - closed

Charter Academy - ?

City of Portsmouth Boys - closed

City of Portsmouth Girls - closed

Cliffdale Special Primary - closed

College Park Infants - part closure

Copnor Infants - part closure

Copnor Juniors - part closure

Corpus Christi Catholic Primary - closed

Cottage Grove Primary – closed

Court Lane Infants - closed

Court Lane Juniors - closed

Craneswater Juniors - closed

Cumberland Infants - closed

Devonshire Infants - closed

Fernhurst Juniors - closed

Flying Bull Primary - open

Gatcombe Park Primary - open

Goldsmith Infants - part closure

Highbury Primary - open

Isambard Brunel Juniors - closed

King Richard School - open

Langstone Infants - open

Langstone Juniors - open

Lyndhurst Juniors - part closure

Manor Infants - closed

Mary Rose Special School - open

Mayfield - part closure (open to year 10 and 11)

Medina Primary - closed

Meon Infants - open

Meon Juniors - open

Meredith Infants - open

Miltoncross School - part closure (open to year 11 personal study)

Milton Park Primary - closed

Moorings Way Infants - open

Newbridge Juniors - part closure

Northern Parade Infants - closed

Northern Parade Juniors - closed

Paulsgrove Primary - open

Penhale Infants - part closure

Portsdown Primary - open

Priory School - partial closure

Redwood Park Special School - part closure

St Edmund’s Catholic School - closed

St George’s Beneficial CoE Primary - part closure (closes at 12.45pm)

St John’s Cathedral Catholic Primary - closed

St Jude’s CoE Primary - part closure

St Paul’s Catholic Primary - closed

St Swithun’s Catholic Primary - closed

Solent Infants - part closure

Solent Juniors - part closure

Somers Park Primary - part closure

Southsea Infants - closed

Springfield School - closed

Stamshaw Infants - closed

Stamshaw Juniors - closed

Victory Primary - part closure

Westover Primary - closed

Wimborne Infants - closed

Wimborne Juniors - part closure


Alverstoke CoE Juniors - closed

Alverstoke Community Infants - closed

Bay House School - closed

Bedenham Primary - closed

Bridgemary School - closed

Brockhurst Infants - open

Brockhurst Juniors - closed

Brune Park Community College - closed

Elson Infants - open

Elson Juniors - part closure

Gomer Infants - closed

Gomer Juniors - ?

Grange Infants - part closure

Grange Juniors - closed

Haselworth Primary - closed

Holbrook Primary - closed

Lee-on-the-Solent Infants - closed

Lee-on-the-Solent Juniors - closed

Leesland CoE Infants - closed

Leesland CoE Juniors - closed

Newtown CoE Primary - 15 minute walkout

Peel Common Infants and Nursery - part closure (nursery closed)

Peel Common Juniors - closed

Rowner Infants - open

Rowner Juniors - closed

Siskin Infants and nursery - part closure

Siskin Juniors - open

St John’s CoE Primary - closed

St Mary’s Catholic Primary - closed

Woodcot Primary - open


Baycroft Special School - closed

Brookfield Community School - closed

Cams Hill School - closed

Castle Primary - closed

Crofton Anne Dale Infants - part closure

Crofton Anne Dale Juniors - closed

Crofton Hammond Infants - closed

Crofton Hammond Juniors - closed

Crofton School - closed

Harrison Primary - closed

Heathfield School - open

Henry Cort Community College - closed

Hook-with-Warsash CoE Primary - open

Locks Heath Infants - open

Locks Heath Juniors - closed

Lord Wilson School - closed

Neville Lovett Community School - closed

Northern Infants - closed

Northern Juniors - open

Oak Meadow CoE Primary - closed

Orchard Lea Infants - closed

Orchard Lea Juniors - closed

Park Gate Primary - closed

Portchester Community School - closed

Ranvilles Infants - closed

Ranvilles Juniors - open

Red Barn Community Primary - closed

Redlands Primary - closed

Sarisbury CoE Juniors - open

Sarisbury Infants - ?

St Anthony’s Catholic Primary - closed

St Francis Special School - closed

St John the Baptist CoE Primary - open

St Jude’s Catholic Primary - part closure

Titchfield Primary - open

Uplands Primary - open

Wallisdean Infants - open

Wallisdean Juniors - closed

Whiteley Primary - part closure

Wicor Primary - ?

Wickham Primary - open


Barncroft Primary - closed

Bidbury Infants - closed

Bidbury Juniors - ?

Bosmere Juniors - part closure

Cowplain Community School - closed

Crookhorn College of Technology - part closure (open to students taking mock exams)

Emsworth Primary - open

Fairfield Infants - closed

Front Lawn Infants - closed

Front Lawn Juniors - closed

Glenwood School - closed

Hart Plain Infants - open

Hart Plain Juniors - closed

Havant Academy - closed

Hayling College - closed

Hulbert Juniors - ?

Mengham Infants - open

Mengham Juniors - closed

Mill Hill Primary - open

Mill Rythe Infants - closed

Mill Rythe Juniors - open

Morelands Primary - part closure

Oaklands Catholic School - closed

Padnell Infants - closed

Padnell Juniors - ?

Park Community School - closed

Prospect School - closed

Purbrook Infants - closed

Purbrook Juniors - closed

Purbrook Park School - closed

Queens Inclosure Primary - ?

Rachel Madocks School - open

Riders Infants - closed

Riders Juniors - closed

Riverside Community Special School - closed

Sharps Copse Primary - closed

St Alban’s CoE Primary - open

St James’ CoE Primary - part closed

St Peter’s Catholic Primary - closed

St Thomas More’s Catholic Primary - closed

Stakes Hill Infants - open

The Waterloo School - closed

Trosnant Infants - closed

Trosnant Juniors - open

Warblington School - closed

Warren Park Primary - closed

Woodcroft Primary - ?


Buriton Primary - ?

Clanfield Juniors - closed

Herne Juniors - closed

Horndean CoE Juniors - closed

Horndean Infants - closed

Horndean Technology College - part closure

Petersfield Infants - closed

Petersgate Infants - closed

Rowlands Castle St John’s CoE Primary - open

Sheet Primary - open

Steep CoE Primary - closed

The Petersfield School - part closure (open to year 11s)