Cub scouts gear up for 5km hiking competition

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EIGHTY adventurous Portsmouth cub scouts will put their first aid and teamwork skills to the test when they take part in a hiking competition this weekend.

All 16 teams of eight to 10-year-old boys and girls from across the city will undertake an annual 5km challenge through the hilly terrains of Droxford and Soberton on Saturday.

They will be expected to use their map reading skills to locate five designated spots where skills including first aid, laying out stretchers and camping games will put them to the test.

At the end of the afternoon, the team who has completed the course in the shortest amount of time and accumulated the highest number of points for their activities will be hailed champions.

Joe Hunter, of Portsmouth Scouts, said: ‘I’m really looking forward to the challenge and hope we’ll have good weather.

‘These youngsters are having a great time experience the outdoors, which is not something you can take for granted if you live in Portsmouth or other inner cities.’