Dad is stunned by St John’s College school bill – nine years on

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A SCHOOL in Southsea gave one father a shock when they asked him to pay back more than £3,000 for tuition fees dating back to 2002.

The 40-year-old, who sent his children to St John’s College nursery from 2002 to 2006, said he was surprised to hear from the school after so much time had elapsed.

Wishing to remain anonymous, he said: ‘I couldn’t believe my eyes.

‘The school told me to pay £3,080.88 in seven days or face legal proceedings.

‘This is the first I’ve heard of any money I owe.’

Graham Best, headteacher, admitted a few parents who had not paid their tuition fees had been contacted.

But he insisted this was not because the college had any financial problems. He said: ‘St John’s College is not in debt. We have a robust financial position. We have a situation where a very small number of parents have not paid their tuition fees, in some cases dating back over several years.

‘The college is dependent on fees for its income and parents who do not pay put undue and unfair pressure on those who do.’

He added: ‘The college trustees and governors have taken the decision to write to a handful of people asking them to pay their outstanding bills or to contact us to discuss payment or any difficulties they may have.

‘Only where a parent has refused to pay or reply to our letters has the matter been referred to the college’s solicitor.’