Delight as Gosport boy wears uniform his dad drew

FAMILY AFFAIR Phil Barnes with his son Daniel at Brockhurst Infant School.
FAMILY AFFAIR Phil Barnes with his son Daniel at Brockhurst Infant School.
Forest School Leaders Dawn White and Sue Evans with their pupils outside the school

Picture: Habibur Rahman (180146-338)

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EVERY parent delights in seeing their little ones wearing their first school uniform.

But little Daniel Barnes’ parents were ecstatic when the four-year-old got into Brockhurst Infants School in Gosport – as dad Phil designed the school logo more than two decades ago.

The 27-year-old won a competition to design the logo when he was in Year 2 at the school.

Now a glazer, Phil admits his days of art and drawing are firmly finished.

He said: ‘I told Daniel (I designed the logo) but I don’t think he believed me.

‘I always liked the school, so I hope he has a good time here as well.’

When Phil, of Cobden Street, in Leesland, was six, he won a competition after drawing the logo and his design was picked out from work by 69 other pupils.

Daniel is developing his own artistic flair after drawing his dad, albeit upside down.

He said: ‘It’s fun going to the same school. It’s a happy picture.’

The News covered Phil’s success after he drew the winning logo of two smiling children.

Back then the school added a skirt to one of the youngsters in the design as Daniel had drawn two happy boys.

And Daniel is in trusted hands at school as he has his dad’s former teacher, Rachel Selman.

Daniel’s mum Emma Baker, 34, thinks it’s great that her son is at the same school.

She said: ‘It’s so cool – and the fact that Mrs Selman is his teacher.

‘The more I’ve been talking to him the more he understands his dad drew the picture.

‘It’s brilliant – Brockhurst Infants is out of our catchment area so we were extremely lucky.

‘This is one of the best schools in Gosport.

‘So for us to get a place here was really good and to find out Mrs Selman was going to be his teacher was an added bonus.’

Mrs Selman has been teaching at the school since 1984 and started teaching in 1978.

She said: ‘It’s lovely because there’s a real continuity.

‘It’s not the first one I’ve had but it’s nice – it makes me feel quite old.

‘I do remember Phil – he was quite a cheeky happy boy, a bit like Daniel, they’re very similar.’