Democracy in action as pupils case votes

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SCHOOLCHILDREN held mock elections to get a taste of what it’s like to vote.

Pupils, aged 10 and 11 from schools across Chichester, took part.

The youngsters either stood for or voted for political groups named the Fields for Freedom Party, the Supreme Seal Party, the Medmerry Movers and the Sidlesham Spirits Party.

The fun was part of Local Democracy Week which started on Monday. The event took place at Chichester District Council.

Pupils taking part in the campaigns made their own rosettes and banners for their parties and came up with manifestos in a bid to win votes.

Pupils also held a debate on the topic of dogs – and debated the motion ‘Should we have dog licences?’

Councillor John Connor, responsible for environment and community safety, praised the children who took part.

‘Local Democracy Week is a national campaign aimed at getting young people more involved with their local council,’ he said.

‘This was a fantastic opportunity to show the children what the council does and the important decisions we have to make.

‘We really enjoyed their visit and were very impressed with some of the ideas they put forward.

‘Maybe some of the children who took part may go on to be future councillors themselves.’