Disney dance is a big hit in city wide competition

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YOUNGSTERS have been celebrating after winning a dancing competition for schools across the city.

The Most Wanted Dance-Off competition took place at the Kings Theatre and saw 13 schools in Portsmouth compete for the coveted trophy.

STYLE Victory Primary School dressed in Disney costumes after their dance-off win. Picture: Malcolm Wells (13360-8759)

STYLE Victory Primary School dressed in Disney costumes after their dance-off win. Picture: Malcolm Wells (13360-8759)

And Victory Primary in Paulsgrove was announced the winners with its ‘Disney experience’ performance.

They children dressed up as different cartoon characters such as Buzz Lightyear, Tigger and Winnie the Pooh and put their routine to a variety of music, including Nicki Minaj.

Kath Unitt, school sport coordinator who choreographed the event, said: ‘It gave them the opportunity to dance at the Kings Theatre. It’s an amazing experience for them.’

The school held auditions and 56 children applied to be part of the performance, but there were just 24 places.

The children rehearsed every Thursday night after school for 10 weeks.

Miss Unitt added: ‘They loved it. On the day when they announced that we had won, a couple of them were crying. They were so excited.

‘We are in quite a deprived area so it’s giving the children that experience to perform at a theatre and represent the school.

‘It’s time for them to shine. We have got children who come from backgrounds where parents might not be able to take them down to the theatre.’

And she added that it’s hugely beneficial for the children to take part in something like this.

‘It increases their self-esteem because some of them are really shy,’ she said.

‘It’s good for teamwork and working together.

‘It was great seeing them smiling and the sheer enjoyment of performing and knowing that they have got a loved one watching them.’

Yesterday the children performed to the school.

Tia Adams, eight, said: ‘It was good to have a chance to perform. We never really won before so it was good to be part of it. I was so happy that we were because we won.

‘We all cheered and we danced. It was fun though I was a bit nervous.’

Mason Frost, nine, added: ‘It was a good experience to know how to dance and when we heard that we had won we were cheering.

‘It was a bit nerve-wracking but we got through it.

‘I’m glad that we stood out from everyone else.’

Flying Bull Primary School came second while Solent Junior School finished in third place.