Dockyard learning boost

Jessica King and Lucy Knight have been offered places at Oxford.

Students make history with offers from Oxford

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A SELF-confessed ‘history boffin’ will be taking on a major educational role at the Portsmouth Naval Base Property Trust.

Phil Wright, an experienced secondary school history teacher, has moved from Blackpool City Learning Centre to take on the job of delivering learning at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard’s action stations and the Explosion! Museum of Naval Firepower in Gosport.

He said: ‘For a self-professed history “boffin” it is really a fabulous job to take on.

‘As a teacher the prospect of starting with almost a blank slate is something that we never get.

‘When you get the chance to virtually design your own curriculum you jump at it and I’m looking forward to working here and seeing what Action Stations and Explosion! can become.’