Einstein and Burke’s brains on display

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THE brains of top scientists Albert Einstein and Charles Babbage and serial killer William Burke are on display at an exhibition curated by a University of Portsmouth expert.

‘Brain: The mind as matter’ at The Wellcome Trust in London includes more than 150 objects, artworks, manuscripts, videos and photography exploring what the human brain has done to further scientific and cultural research.

Dr Marius Kwint, an art historian and visual culture lecturer, who has guest-curated the exhibition, said: ‘The brain is the most complex entity in the known universe and the exhibition is a fascinating exploration of how humans have tried to come to terms with this infinitely mysterious organ.’

The exhibition, which runs until June 17, includes two photographic essays by University of Portsmouth photography lecturer, Daniel Alexander, who visited the Charité Hospital in Berlin which houses a museum for anatomical specimens and medical history.