Experts’ research into spinal injuries

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PATIENTS could be offered better treatment for spinal injuries thanks to university researchers.

Engineers at the University of Portsmouth are exploring new strategies for the treatment of patients affected by vertebral fractures.

Spinal injuries such as compression fractures affect thousands of people in the UK and the research will be used to inform clinicians and surgeons to improve clinical practice and patient care.

Using state-of-the-art experimental and computational facilities, the engineers are investigating the performance of new bioactive materials, with the potential to promote the formation of new bone in the treated vertebra over time.

The university’s Dr Gianluca Tozzi said: ‘The materials we’re testing are the latest bioactive formulations, which have the ability to enhance new bone formation.

‘This means that the progressive integration of these biomaterials with the surrounding bone may enable the growth of new bone and lead to complete recovery of the functionality of the spine.’