Exploring the history of Ancient Egyptians

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STUDENTS at St John’s College in Southsea have been exploring the Ancient Egyptians.

The Year 3 children began their day by venturing into a dark classroom with torches to explore a tunnel which twisted around their desks.

Once returning the classroom to its normal arrangement, the class looked at pictures of different artefacts to learn what Ancient Egyptians would have had.

After play-time they were introduced to the Ancient Egyptian language through their task of deciphering hieroglyphic codes.

Once familiarised, the children practised the art form by writing their own name in the language.

They were then asked to write a secret message for their partner in hieroglyphics for them to work out.

In the afternoon the class visited the ICT suite.

Here, they played an online game to learn about Egyptian tombs.

Children formed groups and designed their own tombs based on the game and hand-outs.

Meanwhile, Year 2 children at the school have been using iPads in class to help them to learn some different skills.

The class have been using Collins Big Cat apps to support literacy development by looking through great books with illustrations.

They also had lots of fun using FlowFree and Match the Dots.

These are applications which are aimed at developing the children’s logical thinking skills.

As well as academic skills and confidence with technology, the children also learn to work in pairs by sharing the iPad and helping their partner with the different levels.