Family’s bid to help Sophia-Rose

Sophia-Rose Cook with her mother (right) Juliette Cook (20) and (left) her grandmother Diana Julian '' ''Picture: Malcolm Wells (131106-8919)
Sophia-Rose Cook with her mother (right) Juliette Cook (20) and (left) her grandmother Diana Julian '' ''Picture: Malcolm Wells (131106-8919)

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A FAMILY needs to raise thousands of pounds to pay for surgery.

Three-year-old Sophia-Rose Cook suffers from cerebral palsy and has been accepted to have surgery which she will have in Bristol later this year. But her family needs to raise £40,000 for the operation and the aftercare, which they’re paying to have done privately.

So far, they have managed to get together £17,000 thanks to the hard work of her mum, Juliette, and various donations from charity.

But with £5,000 left to go before she can have the surgery, Sophia-Rose’s family have more fundraising to do.

‘Over the course of the year, we have got loads planned to raise the money,’ said Juliette, 21.

‘We’re planning a fun day in April, a ball later on in the year and a young girl we know is holding a gig to help raise money.

‘Highbury College has also put a collection tub in its recreation room to help with funds so we have a lot going on at the moment.’

Sophia needs a walker or sticks and she can’t play in playgrounds like other children. She is also on medication to help with the pain in her legs.

Juliette, from Hilsea, added: ‘As she’s got older, Sophia-Rose has realised that she’s different from other children.

‘All of her friends have no problem moving around but she can’t because of the stiffness in her legs.

‘It’s the small things sometimes like the fact she can’t go in a trolley while we shop or on the swings in a playground. But the surgery should hopefully stop all that.

‘Even if it just stops the pains in her legs, I will be happy.’

When they first found out about the surgery, the family thought they would have to the America as the criteria are strict for operations in England.

But Juliette said: ‘We got lucky with Sophia-Rose because she was perfect for the criteria. She’s the right age and has the right personality so they accepted her pretty quickly which we were grateful for. But we need to raise the money first.’

To make a donation for the surgery, visit