Fareham parents welcome plans for a new school sixth form

PLANS Fareham Academy headteacher Nadine Powrie
PLANS Fareham Academy headteacher Nadine Powrie

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PARENTS have given their support to plans for a Fareham school to open a sixth form.

Parents and members of the community were invited to Fareham Academy last night to hear more about the proposals.

Fareham College has stopped teaching A-levels so there is nowhere for youngsters in the borough to study at that level.

Nadine Powrie, headteacher at the school, which was formerly Neville Lovett Community School, gave a presentation.

She said: ‘We feel we are in a very strong position in terms of our results to justify having a sixth form. We have got good support from many people in the community.

‘I think we are doing the best we can for the students and for the community here in Fareham.

‘We want to do our best to keep them here and not to see them travelling around on a bus away from Fareham.’

Mum-of-three Angela Mitchell said: ‘It’s an excellent idea.

‘I have got three children and this area will need to have proper A-levels.

‘I’m overjoyed that they are going to offer that. It will improve the school and pupils’ feelings about the area.

‘The headteacher has got such a vision. She’s fantastic.’

Toby Bishop, 43, from Holbrook Road, added: ‘My experience from school is sixth form and continuity is brilliant.

‘I don’t really know much about Fareham College but I know it’s vocational.

‘This is academic and there’s not a lot of travel. I like what they do here.’

The plans have had the support of Fareham Borough Council’s leader, Councillor Sean Woodward and the town’s MP Mark Hoban.

Kathy Clark, 62, from Catisfield, added: ‘I am sure it will be good for Fareham to have A-levels. If it comes off it will be good for the town for people not to have to travel so far.

‘It will get a lot of interest from students from Fareham Academy because they will want to stay on.

‘It will take time to build a reputation for students from other schools.’

The school is putting in a bid to the Education Funding Agency (EFA) in March. If successful, the sixth form will open in September 2015 with at least 80 students, with plans to expand the following year.